The Finds : Chapter One

Then in 1982, Two Bermuda divers, Chris Addams and Mike Davis obtained a license to excavate and retrieve objects from the site. After an exhaustive search, a great number of objects were discovered.

Many items that were retrieved were items that happened to fall over board, like whale oil lamps that were used to move about the dark bowels of the hulks. The lamps that the prisoners used, without permission, were also recovered. In these molded lead lamps pork fat would be burned using some sort of wick. Convicts would use these lamps to read, play games or work.

Pewter mugs, probably the crews and guards, were also found, as well as engraved spoons.

Also found were clay pipes, every size, shape and design imaginable, some with Masonic symbols and Navy Anchor or Regimental Crests. Then there were those that obviously belonged to convicts, etched with crosses to show their faith or with crude x's to possibly "cross out" or "ward off" evil spirits, like yellow fever or dysentery which claimed so many of their lives. Several have what appears to be gallows engraved on the bowl as dark reminders of fellow convicts hanged at Ireland Island.

Also collected were old Bottles cast from the Dromedary, each a collectors dream with a history and a secret to unlock. Nicknames, descriptions of what is contained, even Royal Seals of George IV, William IV and Victoria, the Broad Arrow British Government Property and fouled Anchor of the Royal Navy.

The Finds Part 2

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