The Finds : Chapter Four

The tools used to shape these carvings have also been found, shedding new light on how these unique artifacts were made.

The items shown are merely samples from the unique archeological time capsule at the Dockyard. This site has been designated a Historical Site to which Chris Addams and Mike Davis have the sole excavating rights.

We are interested in international recognition for the work that has been done and the unique nature of the one-of-a-kind artifacts. Other sites in Bermuda have been discovered that we have yet to explore. We are interested in individuals possibly seeking to research, publicize and dramatize the importance of this serious find. These clues to the past have gone unrecognized because of the atrocities that occurred and unwillingness of people in the present to recognize the inhumanity at that time. There is a story to be told in the finding of these artifacts and we are looking for help in telling it. Thank you.
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